About Us

Pratap overseas is Iso 9001 2015 an exporter importer and global sourcing company from India engaged in export and import of products

We are here to enhance the growth of artisans, sculptures as well as quality manufacturers of brass products.

These products are extensively identified for their fine quality and high durability. These products can be custom made according to client’s need.

Our competitive price structure and moral business policy have garnered a huge customer base all across the World.

Managing our customer need is an important part of our network

Our products

Originated from mithila region of bihar india ,these paintings are done mainly using natural dyes and look awesome with their eye catching geometrical pattern

Tikuli art  has a deep historical significance associated with it. ‘Tikuli’ is the term that is locally used for bindis, which are essentially colorful dots that women wear as accessories between their eyebrows. The bindi has been a symbol for the intellectual capacity of the feminine for time immemorial. Tikuli art originates from Patna over 800 years back. The creation of tikuli art is a tedious process that requires a great deal of patience. Artists employ hardboards as their surface to draw on, and cut it into ornate shapes. These are coated with four or five layers of enamel. After each coat is applied, the surface is rubbed with sandpaper to give a glossy, polished effect. After applying the final layer of enamel coat, the designs are drawn on with paint, and embellished with gold foil and crystals. The brushes used are made of squirrel or sable hair, and they are of a very fine thickness. Spring and summer are the best seasons to create this form, since an optimum temperature for drying the enamel and paint is achieved.

We deliver exceptional artwork from some of India’s best known painters as well as customized art work according to our client need to be decorated in homes offices and  public spaces

We are promoting brass work such as statues and idols as well as brass water bottles produced by some fine craftsmen

Madhubani painting

Tikuli art

Oil paintings

Brass work